Hogs Green Equestrian
Hogs Green, Sandling Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 4HG
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Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world and is by far the oldest in Great Britain, with records dating all the way back to the 16th Century. There is a reason it has survived for centuries, there is a reason that the prosperous Sheikhs of the Middle East funnel their vast wealth into the sport and there is a reason why a rich businessman such as JP McManus owns over a thousand horses in training. Horse racing is a thrill that cannot be matched. Imagine that feeling when you have a winning bet, or when your football team wins at the weekend, those feelings of sheer glee pale into comparison to when your horse wins a race. 
But that sensation should not be for the rich only, and its not, with different ways to get involved there is no reason why everyone can't have that winning feeling. 
The 2014/15 season saw the formation of the Hogs Green Racing Club with one horse, Ballybrack Dancer, who won for the club at Penshurst in April. This year we are offering everyone the opportunity to get involved with the club, which has exciting new additions to the team. The horses will be running in both point-to-points and hunter chases in South and Eastern England. This is a great way of being involved in all of the thrills of racing without it costing a fortune.
Point-to-pointing is a great sport with a very welcoming and friendly community, something that can be enjoyed by the whole family, so why not get involved?
Club members receive the benefits of:
Weekly emailed updates.
Yard visits on weekends.
Entry to the paddock (and winners enclosure!) on racedays.**
In depth race analysis for the days racing.
A complimentary bottle of Champagne.
**Unfortunately it is not always possible to obtain free admission for Club members to point-to-points, but we ask our members to gladly support the hosting hunt.
Members of the Hogs Green Racing Club are warmly welcomed to visit every weekend to see the progress of the horses. Saturday mornings will be earmarked for schooling sessions, then Sunday will include visits to the beach or to Charing point-to-point course to work the horses. These training sessions will be followed up by tea and biscuits, with the strong possibility of hot soup and bacon sandwiches. 
For anyone who is an avid follower of hounds; some Saturdays will include one or two of the horses going for a days hunting. 
If you, or anyone you may know would be interested in joining the Hogs Green Racing Club this season, then please click here for a list of our horses and feel free to speak to Hannah on the following number/email:
Hannah - 07966 488245
                  [email protected]
We have two different ways that you join the Hogs Green Racing Club, either by paying a weekly fee or a one-off payment for the season, which can be a great if you wanted to give it to someone as a present! 
Membership is £25/week and goes from 5th October to the day of our final runner (expected to be in May), but can be paid in a one-off payment of £700, which gives an approximate saving of £150. As well as training fees this also covers fuel, entry fees and hunter certificate costs so there will be no surprise costs.
*Joining the Hogs Green Racing Club will not mean that you own the horses. Instead, you will lease a percentage of the horse during the season. We do offer a buy in fee for certain  horses should you wish to own a percentage. Please ask Hannah for further details on this 
Alternatively you can fully purchase your own 'pointer'. This gives you exclusivity to your horse and has extra benefits including; choice of your own colours, any time yard visits, complimentary owners badges and 100% of any prize money won. To find out more please get in touch with Hannah through the above details. 
If you already own a racehorse and are looking for a trainer, we are more than happy to accept any horse and can promise to give every effort in getting it to fufil its potential.